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From The Founder

In the name of "Time", a journey begins! 

Time rationally measures the interval between two incidents. It also romantically initiates ancient pursuit and celestial imagination. Perhaps, Time is considered as a social value, evolving lives and precipitating civilization.

Time disappears quickly without our notice. However, timepieces can express eternal beauty. Having worked in the luxury watch industry for years, touching and playing with numerous exquisite timepieces, witnessing artistry and perfect skills of watchmakers from international luxury watch brands, I deeply feel an unbreathable power: precise scientific calculation, rigorous mechanical design, unique craftsmanship… which are all encased in the finest magic box that also displays hundreds of delicate components, falling in the right places to run perfectly. The work exactly represents human beings pursing unlimited self-challenges and perfection. 

I would like to employ this platform to share my passion, knowledge and appreciation on watch culture and arts. In the name of Time, I wish we all cherish our moments and be thankful. 

About The Studio

Through our online platforms and offline channels, we are dedicated to promote the appreciation of watch culture and exquisite craftsmanship; and offer consultancy on luxury watch collection and branding.

About The Founder

Noel Wong is a watch lover and collector. Living a passionately dedicated "watch-life" for more than 20 years, Noel started his career in the watch industry as a marketing manager and then took up executive roles spanning over the entire spectrum of wholesale, retail and auction in the watch industry.