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Beyork was abandoned by her Thai mother Suwanna when she was only 6-month old. Together with her sisters they were raised by their aunt. A victim of favouritism, Beyork spent her childhood in misery. Seeking for maternal love being the only reason why Beyork, as a young adult, yearned to find her birth mother. The search for her birth mother was never an easy way. She found solace in the only photo left from her mother. When Beyork decided to let go, the wheel of fortune turned and brought her to her mother, who was no less despondent than Beyork.

Will a reunion after a life-long separation lead to redemption or turn a new page in a story 30 years in the making? When blood is not just thicker than water, but also murkier, only the law of karma can shed light on the newfound relationship between Beyork and her mother.

Shadows (2023)

Presenter & Producer: Noel Wong

Screenwriter & Director: Eve Chung

Assoiate Producer: Jason Liu


• New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2022: Films – Feature Documentaries – Gold Award
• New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2022: Streaming - Streaming Documentary – Gold Award
• New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2022: Documentary - Editorial/Viewpoint – Silver Award
• New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2022: Corporate Image - Branded Documentary – Silver Award

Premiere Night Highlights:

Noel Wong Documentary Screening shadows

The filming of the documentary “Time: History, Heritage and Hereafter” started in 2018. We interviewed forerunners, peers and stakeholders from the Hong Kong watch industry, and based on their perspectives, to tell a story of the development of the industry since WWII. Unexpectedly, during the process, it led to an intriguing story of family reunion and the production of another documentary “Shadows”. My team and I spent three extra years to finish this documentary, travelling between HK and Thailand and braving the COVID-19 epidemic. “Shadows” won 2 gold awards and 2 silver awards from the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards 2022. I sincerely thank my team for their dedication and hard work. My thanks also go to my fellows and friends who attended the premiere of both documentaries. We had a pleasant evening!

Noel Wong