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"You and I will both remember this minute before 3 pm on April 16, 1960, because you are with me." This classic line from “Days of Being Wild” was part of Leslie Cheung's dialogue with Maggie Cheung. These spoken words are by far the most moving I have ever heard, and a minute most memorable.

Lost in the Hustle. I now recall a passage from Thích Nhất Hạnh's documentary "Walk with Me", where it spoke of the meditation life some monks and nuns led in the Plum Village. It is an existence where one could savour a mouthful of rice in silence; focus on one's breath as one walk, and pause in one's labours when the village bell rang. Stepping back into the present, we are now so accustomed to the fast-paced life - the rushing, the speed. We are troubled by the past, worried for the future, but forgot to live the present.

The movie "The Double Life of Véronique" assumes there is a twin of me out in the world. Two females born in different countries but with the same name and look, and similar nature talents. Yet, the fates of both were starkly different: one was quick to depart this world; the other lived on with a sensitive soul. This sensitivity brought a sense of inexplicable sadness to the one left on this earth; this fated miss reunion was only resolved at the graveside.

Shunji Iwai's early work "Undo" was a cinematic marvel that was fierce, avant-garde, and had a pursuit for morbid beauty. The plot centres on a wife who had lost her sense of security in her husband. Her discomfort led to the start of her daily crazy binding of all the objects around her, making use of ropes as the physical manifestation of restraining intangible love. The movie only lasts around 45 minutes but was able to portray the wife's long years of repressed emotional discomfort in a most restrained yet violent way. Love is sometimes a type of possessive impulse, energised by passion.

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