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Previously, an audience left me a note asking for more information about the latest novelties of Tonda from Parmigiani. Luckily, I have two of them to show: The Tonda PF Micro-Rotor and The Tonda PF Chronograph. Both of them are the upshot of the combination of modern simplicity and traditional aesthetic craftsmanship, totally ingenious!

Parmigiani is a niche watch brand but well known in the watch industry. It was established 25 years ago and has developed over 30 in-house movements. Parmigiani is not a “nobody” brand. Its founder Michel Parmigiani is a world-renowned master watchmaker and restorer. I was at his workshop in Fleurier to admire his restored vintage timepieces. That experience is absolutely stunning! At the end, how exciting is the story behind the brand?