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Vlog #112 A legend of the watch industry ── Jean-Claude Biver (Part 1)

The Midas Touch! How did he lead Blancpain and Hublot to turn around? How did he build momentum for OMEGA directly spearing at ROLEX? Having been in the watch industry for over 50 years, what is the secret of his success?

Known as Warren Buffett in the watch industry, Biver Senior handled high-end watch brands with the Midas Touch.  He was at the helm of Blancpain and Hublot, and was also the leading figure who successfully upgraded OMEGA in the 1990s.  Now, he established a workshop in a secluded farm and founded a father-son watch brand named Biver. On my second stop in Switzerland, I chatted with Mr. Biver Senior to unravel his success secrets and to learn his new moves!