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「Watch The World Vlog #118  Art month in Hong Kong, should I buy paintings or watches? What is the artistic niche when you wear a crossover timepiece with art?  You can learn about art by looking at watches!  Hublot | Bulgari | Swatch | Cartier」

Every March in HK is about art, have you visited any art fairs? In recent years, many watch brands have successively launched models in collaboration with well-known artists or art institutions, the high-end ones like Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” and the Bulgari Octo Finissimo; the more affordable ones, led by Swatch, play with secondary creations of famous paintings. Their works often surprise the market. The most mystifying one I will say is the Cartier Crash. Does it have anything to do with the painter Salvador Dali? When art meets watches, Yue Minjun, Carlos Cruz-Diez, René Magritte, Tadao Ando – what inspirations do they have for the expression of time? Riding on the afterglow of Art Month, let’s talk about watches and learn about art!