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「Watch The World Vlog #123 The first off-line activity of Watch The World!Preview of two Watch The World exclusive crossover limited edition watches| Chronoswiss Delphis|CIGA “Blue Planet” 」

Finally, a significant off-line event for Watch The World,product launch of two limited edition crossover watches! In the 1990s, I did not get a Chronoswiss Delphis. Now I make up for my regret in this way – the launch of Watch The World x Chronowswiss Delphis (limited to 5 pieces).

If you keep thinking about it, there will be a response! Watch The World collaborated with CIGA Design and produced an exclusive crossover Blue Planet watch (limited to 100 pieces). Blue Planet is the first ever Chinese watch to win a GPHG award.

What brought these two collaborations? What’s so special about these watches? After visiting the birthplaces of these two watches, Lucerne, Switzerland and Shenzhen, China, I gained more insights about watch aesthetics and mechanical craftsmanship! Don’t miss this episode! I also look forward to welcoming you to the "Watch The World x Blue Planet" product launch event!